Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Secure-Mail Survey Says: “Brightsquid is highly recommendable”

Without placing cameras and recording devices in every clinic using Brightsquid Secure-Mail, it’s difficult to know if we’re delivering the utility and value we endeavor to provide in practice. Ruling out wide-scale covert surveillance, we took a revolutionary step — we asked users what they thought.

Since the beginning of 2016, we’ve been polling users on factors such as usability, efficiency, and likelihood to recommend. The resulting report card validates our efforts in usability and helps us understand where we can focus to enhance the benefit users receive from using Secure-Mail in their clinic.

Questions were scored out of 10, with 10 being the most positive score, and 1 being the response we hoped we’d never hear. Here’s how we did:

  1. How easy is Brightsquid to use?

Score: 9.1

Insight: In a busy clinical environment ease of use is imperative so that any disruptions to workflow are minimized or eliminated. Too many services are built around developer limitations or suffer from a rush to market that delays usability onto later releases. Brightsquid has always been built with a user first mentality. We pride ourselves on this score but also see it as a challenge to close the gap to 10.

The upcoming broad release of Brightsquid 3.0, will give users a new interface that is more closely aligned with the most popular email programs on the market. As new as the forthcoming platform is, user testing shows that it is more familiar, and therefore easier to navigate.

  1. Were you able to reduce the amount of time spent on paperwork?

Score: 7

Insight: The primary goal of all Brightsquid services is to secure clinical communications so that patient information is protected and all regulatory requirements are met. That said, there are additional administrative and productivity benefits to using a secure email service beyond compliance. This score shows us that Brightsquid Secure-Mail is providing value beyond privacy compliance and that we can go further in helping clinics create workflow efficiencies.

Brightsquid has been making progress in streamlining how our services integrate into clinic processes. You can read about initial success we’ve seen here. Expect to see more news about workflow integration and automation from Brightsquid in the coming months.

  1. Were you able to reduce the amount of time spent trying to transfer patient information in a compliant manner?

Score: 8.4

Insight: Change is difficult to justify if it creates more work. By becoming more compliant with Brightsquid Secure-Mail, clinics are also becoming more efficient — reducing the amount of time spent sharing patient information. These gains are made by eliminating fax, snail mail, and couriers which are labour intensive and expensive. By allowing 500MB worth of attachments to every message, Brightsquid replaces the need for burning data onto discs or mailing printed images.

  1. Were you able to worry less about sharing files containing patient information?

Score: 9.8

Insight: The threat of a privacy breach hangs over every medical practice. Our customer feedback shows that by using Brightsquid Secure-Mail, healthcare professionals sleep easier knowing they are protecting the privacy of their patients to the letter of the law.

Brightsquid is audited for compliance regularly, leaving nothing to chance, so that you can be confident our service has your practice, and your patients, covered.

  1. How likely are you to recommend Brightsquid to a colleague or friend?

Score: 9.6

Insight: There’s no better compliment than when users stake their reputation on our service, it proves that we provide a valuable service to clinics. Each month, Brightsquid customers invite more than 600 new users to our platform, and that number is steadily climbing. The top reasons customers recommend Brightsquid are: ease of use, security/compliance, and the high level of customer support they receive.

Above all, this result proves to us that we’re on the right track toward providing the complete secure email service for the healthcare industry.

These numbers show we’re not the perfect secure email solution. But they do tell us we’re working in the right direction. Every secure email service should be easy to use (returning customers tell us they’re not). Any system you employ should make your job easier. And if you’re still worried about the security of your information while using a security service, well, the Internet is full of options and you deserve as much sleep as you can get. To us, there is no better endorsement than the confidence of our users when they send friends our way.

Rest assured, we see each number below 10 as a challenge to improve. You need more from your partners so that you can have less distraction in your day and focus on the job at hand — helping your patients feel better.

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