Friday, June 17, 2016

Brightsquid’s Director of Product Management Provides an Insider’s Look at Version 3.0

On May 14th, the third generation of Brightsquid’s platform was released. This anticipated release meant a more user friendly approach to the solid secure mail product that is making recent news.

What does this mean for medical practices?

It could save your practice a significant amount of time. By decreasing contact and follow up time, clinics are increasing their ability to see more patients in the same amount of time.

Secure-Mail is a platform that uses your existing email address to communicate with patients and colleagues in a safe, compliant way.

This is done by:

  • Top-level end-to-end encryption
  • Authentication
  • Automated back ups
  • Documented activity logs
  • Audited servers for regulatory standards
See how Jaret Hargreaves, Director of Product Management, explains the purpose and history behind this revolutionary launch, and how it impacts health care practitioners and patients.

Q: How does Brightsquid solve a current problem in healthcare?

Brightsquid provides a secure communication channel between healthcare practitioners and patients that protects health information and complies with all regulations.

A common misconception of health practitioners is that they will be buried under a pile of emails from patients abusing the system. Physicians using the service have seen that’s not the case. If they communicate health information securely, then their patients will be more engaged, satisfied and adherent to the treatments that they have been prescribed - not more needy for communication.

We’ve been refining and enhancing security and functionality since 2008, which means we have spent a significant amount of time creating the right tool. Patient privacy laws in Canada and the United States are the framework of our design and development, and in many ways we have pioneered this movement in technology.

Q: Why is Brightsquid important for the Canadian Healthcare System?

The system, the way it is currently organized, is over burdened. A large part of the reason why is a severe lack of communication in all directions.

Brightsquid was built to be a better way to share health information broadly while protecting patient confidentiality.

Our overall goal is to facilitate the ease of the healthcare experience, and improve the quality of life for all individuals involved in the conversation.

We understand how old methods of communication can map onto the new methods using Brightsquid, and since we have done all the legwork, you won’t feel the stress of switching to something unfamiliar. We work with clinics closely to make sure there is very little change in workflow so there are very few barriers to adoption.

A Conference Board of Canada study showed that if Canadians used secure email communication to fill their prescriptions and communicate with healthcare practitioners,  the country would collectively save 70 million hours a year.

Q: For the launch of 3.0, tell us about how you got there and what's new about it?

We have made things leaner and more user friendly. The product has progressed beyond the features and functionality you would expect of an email service, to deliver a refined user experience that takes into account extensive user feedback.

We have years of experience implementing this service with clinics in Alberta and around the world, and doctors aren’t shy about providing feedback to better their experience. The great thing about this software system is that it can be accessed at any time, so you can review and respond to messages when it's most convenient.

Brightsquid 3.0 has a redesigned interface for optimal usability. It is much like the most popular email programs. The updated interface uses the latest in web technology.

Q: What does success look like for a clinic that uses Brightsquid?

Physician's commonly live in two worlds. One where they are required to use old technologies. Another where cutting edge is the norm. This platform gives them that extra assurance that this software isn't going to rot and become obsolete.

We are responding constantly to the needs assessment of these types of communication transactions in the industry. Now, on the third generation of our product, usability and security have gone through quite a refinement.

What clinics see is their current work being vastly more productive, and wait times drastically reduced. This means through increased efficiencies at your practice, you could be seeing additional patients everyday.

Q: What are the next steps for Brightsquid?

To say what's next would be a luxury. Our objective is to help reach optimal clinic efficiency and support health outcomes for patients.

We’ve built secure communication as a product, but now it's considered the platform on which developers can answer specific needs of any industry that requires secure communication. We’ll continue to build features that create more efficiencies for clinics.

The goal we’re working toward is to make it easier for patients to own and control their health information so that record consolidation is easy for doctors at intake. Currently too much time is spent chasing records, and too many mistakes are made because of insufficient or inaccurate information.

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