Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Brightsquid Acquisition of SCS Healthcare

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CALGARY, Alberta Canada/EWORLDWIRE/Feb. 2, 2016 --- Brightsquid Dental Ltd. today announced that it has acquired SCS Card Technology Inc. together with the SCS Healthcare executive and consultative teams, led by Canadian Medical Association Board member Dr. Michael Giuffre. The merger of Brightsquid and SCS Healthcare establishes Brightsquid as the leading source of secure patient communication across North America.
"This is a momentous event. We are very happy to welcome the prestigious team at SCS Healthcare to expand our dental software into the entire healthcare community. We are excited to move forward as one company to improve patient care through secure communication," said Rohit Joshi, CEO of Brightsquid.
Patient's Personal Healthcare: Access and Advocacy through Secure Health Care Communications
Combining Brightsquid's secure network of healthcare providers with the experienced and patient focused team at SCS Healthcare will expand healthcare information and access. The patented technology will also facilitate integrated patient care across the multiple health disciplines that patients encounter.
"An engaged patient, with the use of Brightsquid's Secure-Mail product, becomes an informed advocate in managing their health. The initiative of self-advocacy is widely encouraged by healthcare authorities and is enabled by the widespread and collaborative use of Brightsquid technology," said Bill Trafford, former EVP and Chief Development Officer of Alberta Health Services.
"Improved patient access to their healthcare information drives our vision and utilizes HIPAA compliant communication tools that facilitate our patient centric goals," said Dr. Michael Giuffre. "Simply stated, the company will focus on closing the healthcare communication loop and better the patient's ability to advocate for themselves and their loved ones."
Expanded Leadership
Physician leader and former President of the Alberta Medical Association, Dr. Michael Giuffre will bring his extensive medical and business background to the company's Board of Directors. Mark Maier will continue to serve as the Chairman of the Board with his dental and laboratory leadership. Rohit Joshi and Douglas G. Nyhoff will continue to serve on the Board of Directors.
In various senior and senior advisory roles, the team at Brightsquid will be joined by the former SCS Healthcare team that includes Belinda Boleantu, Dr. Frank Dicke, Michael Freedman, Russ Kimmett, Bill Trafford, Dr. Scott Wilson and Dr. Norm Yee.
New Branding
With the addition of the SCS Healthcare Team, Brightsquid will be repositioning its brand to complement the expanded market opportunities that the combined entity can now target. The new branding will be announced and unveiled in the next few months.
About Brightsquid
A privately-held company, Brightsquid Dental Ltd. is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and has thousands of users in 11 countries across the globe. Brightsquid's Secure-Mail is available through the cloud-based platforms, Brightsquid Dental Link and Brightsquid Secure Health Exchange. Brightsquid centralizes communication where healthcare professionals and patients can manage, monitor and share private patient data. For more information, visit
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