Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Patients prefer Secure Health Exchange when communicating with clinics

A recent survey of 104 patients using Brightsquid Secure Health Exchange with their doctor’s office asked to rate, compare, and describe the experience. The results are an important indicator that secure-mail services like Secure Health Exchange are long overdue as clinical practice in the eyes of patients.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Privacy Compliance With Brightsquid: A Responsibility Issue Made Easy

Caroyn Borel is the Financial Insurance Coordinator at Nice Smile Family Dental, a thriving General Dentistry practice in Greenville North Carolina. When it comes to privacy compliance, she says, “I have never been in an office that is more thorough than this one. We do absolutely everything by the book.” When it came time to select a secure-mail provider for the secure transfer of digital x-rays to consulting specialists, Caroyn explains,

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Secure your reputation with Secure-Mail

Your success hinges on your reputation. Patients remain loyal, or refer your clinic, because of how they feel about the care you provide. They want to feel they’re receiving the most appropriate care, and they want to feel that you have their best interests at heart. The way you communicate with patients can significantly influence their feelings in both categories. 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Press Release - Brightsquid’s Medical-grade Messaging accelerates healthcare for Canadians

When doctors and patients can securely share health information, outcomes improve; yet many efforts to enhance communication in healthcare exclude patients. Brightsquid’s new Medical-grade Messaging service, Secure Health Exchange, uniquely enables secure doctor-to-patient as well as physician-to-physician communications by emulating familiar email programs.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Practice like it’s 2016 with Secure-Mail and e-Consultation

Clinical communication and care coordination is stuck in the 80s. But the future can be yours in bite sized chunks.

This month, Dr. Michael Giuffre, Former AMA president and current member of CMA Board of Directors, published an insightful article on how medical clinics can progress by taking small, comfortable, steps forward - rather than waiting in the past for a silver bullet to catch up your clinic in one fell swoop.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Clinical Power of Doctor to Patient Collaboration - By Dr. Norman Yee

Communication with patients is foundational to our clinical relationship and encompasses many interactive aspects of our services, ranging from face-to-face Osler-inspired encounters to telephone calls to conferencing with family or care teams to emails. The spectrum of care and interactions is sufficiently broad to benefit from multimodal communications.

Friday, September 30, 2016

How Medical-Grade Messaging Out-delivers Video & Phone Medicine

The disconnect between medical service delivery and modern communications technology is a hindrance to healthcare. Efforts to align the provision of care with available technology have been made difficult by regulations that haven’t kept pace.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

AACM - Creating clinical efficiencies on the front lines of healthcare

No one knows the issues facing primary care better than clinic managers. Day in and day out, clinic managers find ways to get patients the care they need in a system that isn’t set up for efficiency. If you want to help improve the effectiveness of the system, the knowledge and experience of the people navigating the front lines is invaluable. That’s why we’re excited to be attending the annual conference of the Alberta Association of Clinic Managers in September.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Secure Messaging in Practice: Optimizing Clinic Value

The Canadian healthcare system is overburdened. One of the main contributors to excess demand is a structure built around referrals. Patient hand off in the form of referrals is an open chasm through which thousands of patients fall each year. Even when hand offs are successful, patients can wait as long as 2 years for a specialist appointment only to discover there is a specialist-condition mismatch and they need to get in another line. These inefficiencies are not the fault of any member of the system, but of the system itself, and they are completely avoidable with the use of secure messaging.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Secure Messaging for Medical Clinics: 5 Features You Must Have

In the Canadian healthcare industry, communication technology has lagged behind due to the belief that security and reliability aren’t achievable through modern efforts. As the inefficiencies of working with out-dated forms of communication pile up, the need for a secure and efficient alternative has risen to the forefront.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Secure-Mail Survey Says: “Brightsquid is highly recommendable”

Without placing cameras and recording devices in every clinic using Brightsquid Secure-Mail, it’s difficult to know if we’re delivering the utility and value we endeavor to provide in practice. Ruling out wide-scale covert surveillance, we took a revolutionary step — we asked users what they thought.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Brightsquid’s Director of Product Management Provides an Insider’s Look at Version 3.0

On May 14th, the third generation of Brightsquid’s platform was released. This anticipated release meant a more user friendly approach to the solid secure mail product that is making recent news.

What does this mean for medical practices?

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

How Medical-grade Messaging goes beyond patient portals and EMRs

We are often asked how Brightsquid Medical-grade Messaging stands above patient portals and EMRs. The big reason people ask is because Brightsquid is in a new, unfamiliar category of software called “Clinical Care Coordination”. Whereas portals and EMRs were built to manage resources and information inside clinic walls, Clinical Care Coordination software enables EMR and portal agnostic communication between all clinics and practitioners, and includes patients.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Email as Integrated Clinical Practice

Communication is a fundamental component of our relationship with our patients. When communications lag, patient care can also lag. Communication beyond practice walls has not kept up with advancements in modern communications. Currently, many feel that outreach communications cannot be used due to inadequate privacy and security (as per this report of a BC ER doc not notifying a patient of possible cancer for 11 months!). That argument no longer holds, as a fully modern, secure, and private messaging platform is available today, and it is time to embrace secure email as an integral part of clinical practice.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Brightsquid Acquisition of SCS Healthcare

For Immediate Release

CALGARY, Alberta Canada/EWORLDWIRE/Feb. 2, 2016 --- Brightsquid Dental Ltd. today announced that it has acquired SCS Card Technology Inc. together with the SCS Healthcare executive and consultative teams, led by Canadian Medical Association Board member Dr. Michael Giuffre. The merger of Brightsquid and SCS Healthcare establishes Brightsquid as the leading source of secure patient communication across North America.
"This is a momentous event. We are very happy to welcome the prestigious team at SCS Healthcare to expand our dental software into the entire healthcare community. We are excited to move forward as one company to improve patient care through secure communication," said Rohit Joshi, CEO of Brightsquid.
Patient's Personal Healthcare: Access and Advocacy through Secure Health Care Communications
Combining Brightsquid's secure network of healthcare providers with the experienced and patient focused team at SCS Healthcare will expand healthcare information and access. The patented technology will also facilitate integrated patient care across the multiple health disciplines that patients encounter.
"An engaged patient, with the use of Brightsquid's Secure-Mail product, becomes an informed advocate in managing their health. The initiative of self-advocacy is widely encouraged by healthcare authorities and is enabled by the widespread and collaborative use of Brightsquid technology," said Bill Trafford, former EVP and Chief Development Officer of Alberta Health Services.
"Improved patient access to their healthcare information drives our vision and utilizes HIPAA compliant communication tools that facilitate our patient centric goals," said Dr. Michael Giuffre. "Simply stated, the company will focus on closing the healthcare communication loop and better the patient's ability to advocate for themselves and their loved ones."
Expanded Leadership
Physician leader and former President of the Alberta Medical Association, Dr. Michael Giuffre will bring his extensive medical and business background to the company's Board of Directors. Mark Maier will continue to serve as the Chairman of the Board with his dental and laboratory leadership. Rohit Joshi and Douglas G. Nyhoff will continue to serve on the Board of Directors.
In various senior and senior advisory roles, the team at Brightsquid will be joined by the former SCS Healthcare team that includes Belinda Boleantu, Dr. Frank Dicke, Michael Freedman, Russ Kimmett, Bill Trafford, Dr. Scott Wilson and Dr. Norm Yee.
New Branding
With the addition of the SCS Healthcare Team, Brightsquid will be repositioning its brand to complement the expanded market opportunities that the combined entity can now target. The new branding will be announced and unveiled in the next few months.
About Brightsquid
A privately-held company, Brightsquid Dental Ltd. is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and has thousands of users in 11 countries across the globe. Brightsquid's Secure-Mail is available through the cloud-based platforms, Brightsquid Dental Link and Brightsquid Secure Health Exchange. Brightsquid centralizes communication where healthcare professionals and patients can manage, monitor and share private patient data. For more information, visit http://www.brightsquid.com.
For more information, contact:
Vonda-Lee Sharun, Marketing Manager
Press Contact: press@brightsquid.com