Monday, May 5, 2014

Introducing HIPAA Compliant Patient Communication

Now dental practices can send protected health information directly to their patient's current email address through Secure-Mail™

Secure-Mail now becomes a powerful practice-builder along with continuing to be a proven communication tool for the secure exchange of protected health information between dentists, patients, specialists and dental labs. Allowing dental teams to securely send their patients:
  • Payment information
  • Treatment follow-up information
  • Patient referrals and treatment records
  • Tax and insurance receipts
  • Prescriptions and medical information
  • Protected Health Information (PHI) in appointment reminders
  • Appointment follow-up information
  • Images, X-rays and more
Read the full Press Release on Secure Patient Communication Here.
We have also developed a number of materials to assists your practice as you inform your patients about your team’s commitment to the privacy and accuracy of their patient's sensitive information with a full range of ready to use HIPAA Patient Privacy Materials.

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