Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Secure-Mail™ Features

We have made it easier than ever to send Secure-Mail™ messages to your colleagues!

 Our new features include an "Email Message" section where you can create and manage custom messages for your colleagues. We have also added custom signatures and improved the way you share messages with colleagues outside your network. 

Email Message

This section of the message will be part of the notification email sent to your colleague's regular email address. Please do not include any patient information or sensitive details in this section.

This is the secure section of the message. You can add any patient specific information and attachments that will only be displayed to your colleagues through Secure-Mail™.

Custom Signatures

We have added signatures to Secure-Mail™. Simply select "Manage My Signature" to create a custom signature.


It is now easier then ever to send Secure-Mail™ messages to colleagues outside of your network. Simply enter your contact's email address and click send. WooHoo!

Watch  Our Quick Video Highlighting the New Features Added to Your Account:

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