Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Secure-Mail™ Features

We have made it easier than ever to send Secure-Mail™ messages to your colleagues!

 Our new features include an "Email Message" section where you can create and manage custom messages for your colleagues. We have also added custom signatures and improved the way you share messages with colleagues outside your network. 

Email Message

This section of the message will be part of the notification email sent to your colleague's regular email address. Please do not include any patient information or sensitive details in this section.

This is the secure section of the message. You can add any patient specific information and attachments that will only be displayed to your colleagues through Secure-Mail™.

Custom Signatures

We have added signatures to Secure-Mail™. Simply select "Manage My Signature" to create a custom signature.


It is now easier then ever to send Secure-Mail™ messages to colleagues outside of your network. Simply enter your contact's email address and click send. WooHoo!

Watch  Our Quick Video Highlighting the New Features Added to Your Account:

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Lab and Doctor Relationship in the Dental Industry

There is a close bond between a dentist and a lab technician. It is through time that the dentist and technician grow together to provide patient with aesthetic results they want. It takes time to understand descriptions like "tight", "thin" or "close" when designing and engineering a smile, and the relationship between the lab technician and dentist is critical in setting those individual preferences. Dentistry is an art, and it is not surprising that the industry is often filled by a creative and intuitive individuals.  

There are few people who know the relationship between a dentist and a lab quite like Gregory Harris. Greg has been a consultant in the dental industry for 25 years specializing in dentist and lab communication. Greg was recently in Calgary and we spent quite a bit of time talking about the need for collaboration in dentistry and learning from his experience and knowledge in the industry.

While Greg was in town we filmed a quick video on the collaboration between dentists and dental labs, and how technology has been developed to foster this relationship, providing tools to clarify and simplify communication. 

I do “love” my job and it is the people I meet that continue to inspire me, motivate me and give me the extra energy to do more with Brightsquid. As I continue to meet inspired dental people, I’ll continue to introduce them to you in this blog – stay tuned. 

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Rohit Joshi,CEO of Brightsquid Dental Link.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

6 Critical Steps for Efficient DIGITAL DESIGN & Workflow

Do you want to speed up your digital production, while maintaining efficiency? With 6 simple, but critical steps you can quickly increase your production and minimize time spent redesigning. During the webinar Mark Ferguson, Dan Allemeier and Mark Eyre will walk through these proven steps and answer any questions and help make your Lab instantly more profitable.

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