Monday, August 19, 2013

Internet Explorer 7 Support Update

With our most recent 1.16 release we have ceased support for Internet Explorer 7.  Our support for this browser to date has been limited, and Mark and the support team have been gently encouraging our users to upgrade, but as of 1.16, we will no longer address any Internet Explorer 7 issues.
Why are we doing this?  First and foremost, Microsoft has been encouraging users to upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 or higher for some time now.  Internet Explorer 8 offers better security features, superior performance, and is a more advanced browser overall.
Supporting Internet Explorer 7 has become an increasingly time consuming task.  As we try to implement new and more advanced techniques to allow you to securely interact with your colleagues, getting these features working in Internet Explorer 7 has been taking more and more time.  Further, usage has steadily decreased to the point where Internet Explorer 7 makes up less than 3% of our traffic.
While this may cause some inconvenience, this move is necessary to keep your Brightsquid experience secure, intuitive and, well, awesome.
If you have some dependency on Internet Explorer 7 for another piece of software you use, we'd suggest installing an additional browser for your Brightsquid and general web usage.  Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari are all very good alternatives.  I prefer Chrome myself, but they are all excellent browsers.
If you have any additional questions, our support team is always happy to help or 1-800-238-6503.

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