Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thriving in the Dental Industry

Dentistry is filled with entrepreneurs and innovative business professionals which is one of the reasons I love being so close to the industry. I met Gary over the phone a few weeks ago after a common friend of ours, Michael Dunn, introduced us. Gary has a genuine interest in dentistry, in people and is one of those rare individuals who can make you feel comfortable – even over the phone. We quickly found common ground in our technical geek world and spoke about how technology was having a dramatic influence on the course of dentistry. This was one of the many drivers that we both saw shaping the future of dentistry.  The best part was that Gary had enough experience and real world stories to rivet our conversation in reality.

Education is Gary's true calling, he found a need for dental practice education and started The Takacs Learning Center,, to help develop practices that are both profitable and enjoyable. Gary lectures around 40 times a year, teaching and supporting dental practices all around the world.

Gary also started the The Thriving Dentist Show, a podcast to share information that is freely accessible to dental professionals. The Thriving Dentist Show is the #1 Dental podcast on iTunes and has been downloaded by Dentists in 91 countries. You can subscribe to The Thriving Dentist Show on iTunes so you will never miss an episode. Just search for Thriving Dentist Show on iTunes (it's FREE). Gary along with the host of the show Andy Traub provides specific content on how to develop a thriving dental practice and often interviews authorities on topics of interest to his audience.

Recently, I had the privilege of being interviewed by Gary on his Thriving Dentist Show audio podcast. Gary is an excellent presenter and I was thrilled to be invited as a guest on the show titled ’Dental Records in the Cloud’. Here is a link for my recent interview:
I do “love” my job and it is the people I meet that continue to inspire me, motivate me and give me the extra energy to do more with Brightsquid. As I continue to meet inspired dental people, I’ll continue to introduce them to you in this blog – stay tuned.

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Rohit Joshi,CEO of Brightsquid Dental Link.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Join Our Live Webinar

We have scheduled two webinars to meet the needs of our global community.

Please register for the webinar that best suits your schedule.


Patient privacy is a growing concern for dental professionals. Recently, we have seen fines and lawsuits targeting smaller organizations with devastating repercussions.

Being compliant in the “real world” might be apparent as there are strict rules about how you handle patient privacy in your practice, but being compliant in the “electronic world” is not as obvious. The rules governing patient privacy dictate the steps that all organizations must take to manage patient privacy, but putting them into practice is a different matter. For example, Outlook, GMail, Dropbox, and many other tools that are commonly used for patient information sharing are NOT compliant with patient privacy laws.

What does this mean to you and how will the strict enforcement of these rules apply to your dental practice? During the webinar, Joshi will provide some background of HIPAA, HITECH and PIPEDA laws and give real world solutions about how to lower your risk and get compliant.

About Our Presenter

Rohit Joshi, Chief Executive Officer

Rohit has earned a Bachelor's degree in Molecular Biology, a Master's Degree in Medical Science (Surgery/Orthopaedics) and a Bachelor's degree in Law, all from the University of Calgary.

For the past 20 years, Rohit has held senior executive positions with life science and technology companies in the USA and Canada, with a focus on using technology for effective communication.