Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bright like a light bulb and squid like a cephalopod?

Did you know that some squids produce light in dark waters?

Photograph by Chris Newbert, Minden Pictures

One of the most common questions we get here at Brightsquid Dental is "Why Brightsquid?" and "How did you come up with your unique name?". Love it or hate it (we love it!), no one seems to forget the dental software company named Brightsquid.

Today we wanted to share the story of how we came up with our unforgettable name, and maybe give our reps a break from answering this common question. 

Traditionally members of the dental care team have communicated in the dark using old fashioned and non-compliant tools to communicate including fax machines, email and paper slips. 

The first part of the name BRIGHT was chosen because Dental Link illuminates and clarifies communication. Information that was once segmented and unavailable, becomes centralized and accessible on Brightsquid.

We decided on the SQUID based on the tentacle like connections that are akin to how Brightsquid joins all the members of the dental care team with private patient data.