Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We've Made Our Software Better!

In response to feedback from our users we've made a few enhancements, we hope these improve your Brightsquid Dental Link experience.  Read on for more details.

Simplified Patient Referral
We've simplified the patient referral mechanism.  Previously, a referring dentist had to accept the patient and choose which of their clinics the patient record belongs to.  This was a challenge because the dentist themselves had to go through this accept process, their support staff could not do it.  Now, a specialist can simply select the referring dentist and their clinic and the patient record is now available for all members of that clinic to interact with.  The specialist retains the ability to add treatments for that patient.  We hope this will streamline specialist-generalist collaboration.

Further, we've exposed the ability to change the referring dentist and clinic as common function on patients belonging to your clinic.

New Feature: Patient Merge
Some users have had multiple patient records for each patient.  Some were from the PMS integration Brightsquid provides, some from specialist creating patients on behalf of dentists, and some from proactive staff adding patients manually.

To address this, we've added a feature that allows members of clinics to merge their patients.  Anyone in your clinic can pull up a patient record and click on the merge option in the new function menu and then select another patient.  This will merge the two patient records, provide a union of all their treatments.  Users who had access to either of the two "source" patients will have that same access to the merged patient.  Please note that the second patient is the one that will be used for name and address information.

Enhanced Email Notifications
Some of our users have pointed out that our email notification could be a little... obtuse.  We agree and we've made efforts to enhance these.

Other Minor Enhancements

  • List of colleagues and potential colleagues are now sorted alphabetically
  • Fixes to the treatment stage viewer for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7
  • Other minor bug fixes
We continue to enhance our product and are working towards our next major release.  We always love to get feedback from our users, so please keep the suggestions coming.  You can email support@brightsquid.com with any problems you encounter.

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