Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We've Made Our Software Better!

In response to feedback from our users we've made a few enhancements, we hope these improve your Brightsquid Dental Link experience.  Read on for more details.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Legislating the Internet - A Look at SOPA and PIPA - Updated

There are bills wending their way through both the US Congress and Senate which aim to address the growing problem of copyright infringement online.  The bills are the Stop Online Piracy Act aka SOPA (in Congress) and the Protect IP Act aka PIPA (in the Senate). The bills' supporters describe the bills as targeting the "worst of the worst" rogue foreign sites, whose actions, they allege leads to massive losses for the US economy.

These are noble goals, but these bills are problematic, and their potential impact to internet security is substantial.  While various supporters have claimed that internet security concerns are vague hand wringing and not specific to language in the bills, but very highly respected security researchers have published specific and detailed concerns.  Further the claims of losses in the billions of dollars touted by the US Chamber of Commerce in support of this bill have been shown to originate from problematic and unreliable sources.